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May 26, 2004

Shrek 2 in Gold Class Seats

One word: AWESOME! We went to see Shrek 2 (because Tab's been dying to see that movie since we've left the States) with Chhimi's 2 cousins: Sonam and Namdrul at the GV theatre. We bought something called "Gold Class" seats...and it was equivalent to extra-special VIP!!

There was a RED carpet for us to walk into an exclusive VIP lounge! They served us "welcome drinks'. Can you believe it?! This is for a MOVIE, people. VIP treatment for the ultimate movie experience. And the theater only hosts no more than 32 seats!!

These seats were freaking AWESOME! It was way better than any Lay-Z-Boyz you've sat on cuz it has automatic recline seating. They were very plush and comfy. The theater gave all the "VIP"s pillows, socks, and blankets so they can enjoy the movie properly.

Of course, there is also full-service for food. You can order popcorn, sodas, alcohol, dinner, etc and they will bring it to your seat! It is wonderful to get that VIP treatment people!!!

It was so comfy that Chhimi fell asleep ...TWICE .... during the movie for like 5 minutes. BTW, there is one extra-special row in the VIP theater where they are massaging chairs similar to the ones you see in Brookstones but much plusher!!!

Awesome experience for the same movie price in the States....can't beat that!!

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