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May 29, 2004

Jatujak - Haggling Away

Well, today, we woke up bright and early at 8:00am but found out that we didn't have enough cash on us to go to Jatujak (the largest weekend market in Bangkok - 4x Denios at home). So we had to take a taxi to the nearest currency exchange counter. ...early morning traffic...wonderful! :-)

So after 10:30am, we finally got out of the exchange line and hopped onto the "skytrain" on our way to Mo Chit. Within Jatujak, omg...there were so many handicrafts on sale and so much baby clothings that we just went crazy. We spent nearly 3+ hours there and met Chhimi's cousin, Ahman - Sonam there. Thank goodness he came by so he helped us carry some stuff back. :-D hehehehe

We ate lunch at one of the best Indian places in Bangkok, at least for us. Mehmaan restaurant in Nana Soi 3. It was sooo good. The owner is Indian but speaks fluent Cantonese with a Hong Kong style. It was wonderful!! Chhimi's other cousin, Namdrul met us at the restaurant so the four us had a pretty good time chowing away at Paneer Nan, Ghobi Paratha...Mmmm.

Now, we're just hanging out at Ahman's apartment before heading out to Siam's GV movie theater to watch "A Day After Tomorrow". We're going to meet Ahman's girlfriend, Chuni.

Alright peeps, that's it for now.

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