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May 28, 2004

Chhimi: Tabitha's new girlfriend

Today we checked-out of the Merchant Court hotel and headed back to Chhimi's family condominum in Pinklao Bangkok. It was great to step into the condo and find a sense of familiarity, like coming home. The only thing was we both felt quite nostalgic...it was just like yesterday that we were here visiting with Chhimi's grandparents and Aunt along with his 2 cousins. We're missing family. WAH!

Dining on the 6th Floor
The next thing, we head down to our favorite place to eat in Bangkok, 6th floor of the Condo. It's owned by a Thai couple that knows Chhimi so well that he knows exactly what Chhimi wants to eat. It was soooo yummy, as always!! Tom Yum Koong was 'Da Bomb!'

Shopping With Chhimi

Alright people, for you those who does not know Chhimi well enough.....he's totally a shop-a-holic. Tabitha found a new girlfriend to hang out with. We went to the PATA department store around the Pinklao area...and OMG...Chhimi moved so fast, Tabitha thought he was in stealth mode. Chhimi bought like 2 pairs of shoes and lots of other stuff, while Tabitha was being her undecisive self, as usual. He had so much energy when it comes to shopping that he trekked up and down all 6 floors of the department store. So we spent like 3 hours there!! Afterwards...Chhimi still had the energy to visit another department / mall.... Tabitha couldn't even keep up with him.

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