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May 26, 2004

Bangkok: "Wat" So Special?!

Today, we woke up bright and early at 5:30am. Yes, 5:30am. It was like "H*LL"...worse than a working schedule...what kind of vacation is that?!

The reason for us waking up so darn early is because we decided to take a guided tour outside of Bangkok to the Summer Palace of the King of Thailand and to the temple ruins in "Arayarutt" - spelling?!. BTW "Wat" is the phonetic way of spelling in Thai, meaning Temple.

We started out on a long journey coach bus ride outside of Bangkok. Took us like about 2 hours to get to the Summer Palace. Since Tabitha was wearing a no-sleeve shirt, the guide made her put on a "Thai" shirt as it is the policy in the Summer Palace that arms must be covered (Eewww....don't know if that shirt was even clean or not...YUCK!)

Anyways, it was pretty awesome to see how royalty of Thailand live and hosts parties. Their place was quite grand....wished our house was like that!!! They had topiary bushes all around in the garden shaped like Elephants (one of the special animals for Thais for some reason....they love Elephants). We also saw the Chinese Mansion in the palace...man! It was really amazing to see the details of work in everything raning from the staircase to the small 4" x 4" tiles on the floor to the Camel Bone Carving of a dragon.

The latter half of our journey is really "Wat" so special because we saw lots of temples. Thailand is filled with temples all around. We lost count of how many temples we've seen. I guess it's really "Wat" you want is "Wat" you get over here....hahahahhaha!

Alright, gotta go....we're shopping at the infamous Emporium shopping center!! WhooHoo!

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