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May 27, 2004

Ate A Grasshopper On The Road (YUK!)

It is our 3rd day in Bangkok Thailand....Chhimi and I decided to take the day easy by getting up at 9:30am ....now that's more like a relaxing vacation. hahaha. Breakfast buffet at the hotel was wonderful....it had a range of food that we can eat from American to Thai to Chinese. We totally gorged ourselves with food hoping that the humidity will keep our weight the same....but darn...the weather has been way too good!! We really may become chubby when we get back. Alright, we mean CHUBBIER! :-P


We visited the biggest IT Mall in Bangkok, called Panthip. OMG! It had 4-5 floors of IT shops all around. It was more lik 4 to 5x of Fry's...not kidding here. It ranged from hardware including motherboards, CPUs, RAMs, etc (BTW, Intel is promoted here a lot...Yay!) to software (both legal and illegal). It was really really kewl! We only printed our digital pictures there....more than 350 pictures we've taken so far ....

The next thing was NOT so cool.


Man, Tabitha has no idea why Chhimi decided to walk out of the IT Mall and head over to a "insect 'food'" stall to purchase some FRIED Grasshoppers! Ewwww! Very Disgusting! The stall was selling grasshoppers, fire ants, cockaroaches, and some others that we didn't even recognize. Chhimi paid....yep...paid for 20 Baht (equivalent to $0.50 cents) to eat a freaking grasshopper. HELLO! The people on Fear Factor gets paid $50,000 USD to eat yucky stuff but here's Chhimi paying another person to eat it. ....see the pics...it is true, Chhimi ate a grasshopper.

Rejected On Size

Afterwards, we decided to head out to the National Stadium to do some light weight shopping. We saw really cute little t-shirts for kids so we got some of those for all the little kiddies at home. Then Chhimi went into some department stores and got REJECTED with "Mai Dai"s (that means "NO" in Thai) on the size he wants....lots of "No Size" responses. Darn!! We are like huge monsters over here WAH!


Anyways, afterwards....omg, we saw a 50/50 person. A 50/50 in Thailand means the person was a boy but changed into a girl either by just wearing girlie clothes and/or surgery too. It was totally weird. H/She is quite pretty...but dang...when H/She spoke, you can totally tell that there was something extra ...like an Adam's Apple!! But darn...H/She is way prettier than a lot of other girls....Tabitha is so jealous!

That's all for now...we're going to trek on.

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