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Pterygosquilla armata capensis

Pterygosquilla armata capensis

Common Name: Mantis Shrimp
Order : Decapoda
Description : Mantis shrimp are an awe-inspiring predator(until they met my stomach), being highly skilled and well developed for the role as a high level predator. They are very active hunters, and are lightning quick at lashing out. One finger of their main claw lies folded with a groove in much the same was as the blade of a pocketknife does in its handle. During a strike at prey, this unfolding motion can occur in less than 1/125th of a second, or 8 milliseconds, with the force of a small caliber bullet. It is one of the fastest animal movements known.
Size : Up to 200 mm.

More Info on the mantis shrimp. All I can say is these guys are tasty.