Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sangria-Margaritas Here We Come

copy_1_of_picture36 We celebrated Connie's birthday this past Saturday since we couldn't make it up during the weekday. So we decided to barge into her home and "kidnap" Connie away from her loving husband, Ed, and 3 adorable children (Jon-Jon, Amanda Panda, and Baby Ashley). We truly believe that being full-time mom is more stressful than any full-time job so Connie deserved a night out and away from all the daily stresses.

FIRST STOP: Shopping
The three of us decided to stop first at the local department store, Kohl's, to find Chhimi and Ed some lounge-pants. Yep Yep. Lounge-pants. We bought some for the boys some time last year (I think) but they were sooooo comfortable that the boys have been asking for them again. Running through Kohl's was good....lots of neat stuff especially with their marketing ploy of 50% off sales. How can you beat that?!

Afterwards we headed off to the "Red Circle Boutique", aka Target. There we went all over the shop, as if we've never seen a Target before. We looked at Candles, Scrapbooking stuff, Electronics, Gardening, etc. Of course, Connie still couldn't shake her mommy instincts and picked up a few "kiddy" gardening / cleaning tools for Jon-Jon and Amanda (....we personally think that's just called 'Child Labor' ;-D ). We also went to the camping aisle and saw some really neat tents and lounge chairs. So we may have to go back and grab them before our July 4th weekend camping trip :-D hahaha.

"On The Border" is one of Chhimi's favorite Mexican-style "influenced" restaurants. It may not be authentic Mexican food but it doesn't tastes really good. This is where the Sangria-Margaritas happen. No worries, Tabitha was the designated driver and she only drank water. We definitely made sure we were smart too!! It was Connie's birthday celebration so she has an 'excuse' to get totally - wasted just because she could....but...she didn't. The Margaritas were not your normal-sized tiny mugs that you get from Chevy's or TGIF's. These ones were gigantic and Beautiful to look at. Two colors swirling in a little slushies with Tequila in the air. Mmmmmm....

Chhimi finished his one as the dinner goes...and he gets more giddy as it goes by. Needless to say, his head and face was quite red from all that Margarita. Fru-Foo Drinker! Connie on the other hand was being quite conservative and took only little slips and only when Chhimi insisted she drink some because its her birthday celebration. In the light, I couldn't see if Connie was getting red or I'd figure she's okay (she only drank maybe 1/4 of the drink). What a waste?!

After dinner, our waiter even offered Connie a little "Birthday Shot"....mmm...Tabitha kind of wondered if he was offering Connie a "Birthday Body Shot"....Ewww. What happened to the singing and dancing and free dessert?! We got jipped ;-)

"White Chicks" was the movie we chose. By this time, Connie's face was just as red as a beet. Omg! She's definitely a light-weight. We didn't get enough time to go get popcorn and sodas (plus we were just soo full from dinner) but thank goodness for Tabitha being cheap and sneaked in bags of candies for munchies. Both Connie and Tabitha thought it was going to be stupid...being with the Wayans' brother's last move in "Scary Movie 2". However, this one was hilarious!! We laughed almost throughout the whole movie.... that or it just seemed funnier to Chhimi and Connie were "drunk". After two-hours of entertainment, it was time to call it a night since by this time it was already 12:45am....and Tabitha was getting sleepy and she's the designated driver?!

We dropped Connie off at her house and was surprisedly greeted by Ed, who was half-asleep, on top of the stairways. We think he dosed off with the kiddies while watching Spiderman cartoons :-) hehehe. He was definitely curious to where his wife had been all evening into the Wee-hours since his first question was "where did you guys go?" in a curious manner :-) hehehehe

Mission Accomplished by the "Dynamic Duo" - Chhimi and Tabitha

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Pubsters enjoy a day out in the sun

EDS Pubsters enjoy an afternoon of R&R at Lake Natomas. There was some good food and some fierce competition in games that included Frisbee and football throwing to scooping up poop and some good old volleyball. Not to mention our fierce leader dove into the lake to retrieve our volleyball.
Click Here to see pictures of the picnic.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


1choc 3choc 4choc
This was Tabitha's Singapore Highlight.
The ‘Suckao' is a unique invention by Max Brenner. Combine chocolate shavings and cream in the Suckao unit(potppouri-like aparatus) and then warm up the mixture with a tea-light candle burner. When it gets too delicious to resist, you use the straw /stirrer to sip your hot chocolate.Buy Max's own Suckao

The Suckao. No visit to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is complete without an order of suckao. The suckao is a concentrated chocolate shot and is a combination of "suck" and "kakao." "Suck" because a sip of suckao means inhaling the dense liquid chocolate by a metal tube or straw that also functions as a stirrer and spoon. "Kakao" hails from the cocoa beans from which the beverage is concocted.

But what is the suckao really and how does it work? An order of suckao involves a bowl of chocolate chips, an insulated egg-shaped metal cup, a tiny beaker of fresh milk, and a tea light or small flame served on a miniature wooden chopping board. It's really not as difficult as it seems: the idea is to make your own hot chocolate by mixing milk and chocolate until the blend that suits one's taste is attained.

To make that happen, the tea light is placed underneath the metal cup to heat the combination of milk and chocolate chips. Just like champagne or coffee, the suckao is meant to be sipped and dallied with. "I would call each sip a shot of ecstasy, of liquefied energy," one customer says.

Falling in Chocolate. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is literally a journey through the world of chocolate and a trip that is worth every sip and nibble (and every centavo as well). And at Max Brenner, as one chocolate saying goes, it is best to forget falling in love and to "fall in chocolate" instead.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Out On A Saturday Night

We started out cleaning the house all Saturday afternoon because we knew we had friends over and possibly having one of our friends stay over. However, the cleaning just never stops and we didn't realize the time when Lianne showed up on our front-door ready to party. Oops!

Read more about:
Margarita Time | Salsa Dancing (Chhimi - getting hit on by a 60 year old woman) | Bowling: Guys Versus Girls

See Pictures here:
Salsa Dancing Pics

Margarita Time
The 8 of us showed up at Chevy's for a nice Tex-Mex dinner and Chhimi had to taste those Fru-Foo Watermelon Margaritas so all of us ordered a pitcher to share. Mmmmm...good! Lianne, Tim, and Chhimi shared the pitcher while Shirley and Lisa barely sipped their shared glass. The designated drivers were: Tabitha, Peter, and Van. Go Soberness!

We had such a good time chit-chatting around the table that we didn't realize we were late for our Salsa Dancing had to skeedaddle right away.

Salsa Dancing
Arrived at the Studio 30 minutes late for the lessons, the instructor gave us a discount (YAY!). We learned the basic moves (1, 2, 3, ... 5, 6 , 7). It was pretty awesome to see all the guys jumping in and dancing with the ladies. They were all good sports about it. ...Bailamos! Can you feel the Rhythm. After the short and brief lessons, the practice dance were on with the DJ. It was very cool since it was such a non-threatening environment....EXCEPT

Chhimi got hit on by a 60 year old woman. OMG! Chhimi was too hot from dancing for an hour so he decided to take a break from the floor while Tabitha went outside to take in some fresh air. This blonde 60 year old woman with a body to die for at our age....asked Chhimi to dance.

Woman: Come on, let's dance.

Chhimi: I'm tired!

Woman: I ran 6 miles carring a backpack today. Come on, let's dance.

Chhimi: Ehhh....I don't know how to dance.

Woman: Well, you know the basic moves right?! (1, 2, 3...5, 6, 7)

Chhimi: wife's right there [pointing at Tab behind the woman]

Woman: Where? (in disbelief)...[sees Tabitha sitting on the futon and starts talking to Tabitha]

Chhimi: WHEW! [wiped a sweat from his forhead.]

Tabitha's response: I married a sexy to the young and to the old. :-)

Bowling: Guys Versus Girls
After 1.5 hour of Salsa "dancing" and a little bit of the Cha-cha-cha, the group decided (well, it's really Chhimi)...they've had enough of physical activity for one night and went for bowling instead. We thought maybe it was Glo-Bowling where they have the disco nights and songs going ...but it was between 2:00am - 4:00am. How weird?!

Anyways, so we split our group up to Guys versus Girls. Lianne even bought her own bowling shoes! WEIRDO. The girls were doing all good until the guys' lane kept mal-functioning and the pins keep dropping like flys so their scores went up higher than the girls. Cheaters! Needless to say, smak-talking, were exchanged....but in the end, the guys won :-(.

Highest Guy Scorer: 114 - Peter
Highest Girl Scorer: 111 - Lianne
Chhimi Scored: 102
Tabitha Scored: 101

But all in all, it was a different night out for us and we all had a good time hanging out with a bunch of new and old friends.

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