Friday, July 09, 2004

Pentagon: Bush Military Records Destroyed

Quote: Military payroll records that could more fully document President Bush's whereabouts during his service in the Texas Air National Guard were inadvertently destroyed, according to the Pentagon.

How very convenient that it was destroyed – so I wonder which dumbass pressed the delete key? If you want to see those records they destroyed watch Farenheit 911.... I guess they really didn't watch Moore's movie... haha.

Quote: In a letter responding to a freedom of information request by The Associated Press, the Defense Department said that microfilm containing the pertinent National Guard payroll records was damaged and could not be salvaged.

All the technology in the civilized world, where we dig up documents and salvage them from centuries ago – we cannot recover a microfilm. Hmm… aren’t microfilms supposed to be used to store and archive stuff… maybe we should do what our forefathers did --- paint and carve them onto stonewalls.

It's amazing- do they think we are stupid -- well I think they know that most of their supporters are stupid. Wake up America - before our country, we love is destroyed. Vote for Kerry Not because you love him, & definitely not because you are a liberal minded Democrat... Vote for Kerry and Edwards because they cannot "Fuck Up" any worse that it’s been these last 4 years. And do not point fingers at Edwards saying he has no experience ... are you telling me that Bush who served as Governor for one term and the 4 companies he ran to the ground has more experience. I am sure if you were a shareholder or board member on one of those companies you would have fired his ass. Wake up America... Please.

AP News: Bush Military Records Destroyed

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

PSSTTT!! Heading Home

Don't want to leave --- Well I am heading back to Sactown tomorrow morning.. Will complete my blog and pictures when I get back. See Ya..

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