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Friday, July 02, 2004

Is It A Flap Or Isn't It?

Parachute landed in our backyardTabitha is Confused!!!King of the HILL
That is the question we had to ask ourselves as we tried to set up our borrowed "tent" in the backyard before our 1-night camping trip to the California State Park. As we shooed away our wascally wabbits from our backyard, Tabitha laid down the blue tarp and got ready to set the tent up. As we placed the poles into its place, Chhimi and Tabitha thinks "this is easy stuff....very easy" but as we soon see, the "tent" is only one sheet of rain-proof material. No doors, No Windows.

The more we looked at it...the more it looked like a tent. We even asked our lovely housemate, Brenda, for some outdoor guidance. So now, there's 3 people without a clue to what they are doing...trying to see what the heck is going on with this tent. We even came up with an excuse that ...."hey, maybe Tabitha's friend likes his tent to be like this so it would be "roughing it" in the wild??!!

But oh boy, we were just cursing ourselves and asking "what the heck is this supposed to be?".

The answer....a rain flap for a missing tent! Where is the tent?! Tabitha asked to borrow a tent and instead she got a rain flap. Phoeey! Thank goodness the "Red Circle Boutique" was still opened and Chhimi went out and got us a nice 3-4 person Coleman tent to try out on our first time of camping.

WhooHoo! We will no longer be "camp-virgins" after Friday night baby. Just hope Penjo won't be "passing gas" all night long....No Beans For You, Boy!

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watch them go sneak have some on the down low >=D i wish you 3 the best of luck that night heehehe ^_^ i get to spend 4th of July with my friend 0=] anyways take care i'll talk to you guys later. `|{athy<333

Posted by: WaiFong | Jul 3, 2004 4:46:44 AM