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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


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This was Tabitha's Singapore Highlight.
The ‘Suckao' is a unique invention by Max Brenner. Combine chocolate shavings and cream in the Suckao unit(potppouri-like aparatus) and then warm up the mixture with a tea-light candle burner. When it gets too delicious to resist, you use the straw /stirrer to sip your hot chocolate.Buy Max's own Suckao

The Suckao. No visit to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is complete without an order of suckao. The suckao is a concentrated chocolate shot and is a combination of "suck" and "kakao." "Suck" because a sip of suckao means inhaling the dense liquid chocolate by a metal tube or straw that also functions as a stirrer and spoon. "Kakao" hails from the cocoa beans from which the beverage is concocted.

But what is the suckao really and how does it work? An order of suckao involves a bowl of chocolate chips, an insulated egg-shaped metal cup, a tiny beaker of fresh milk, and a tea light or small flame served on a miniature wooden chopping board. It's really not as difficult as it seems: the idea is to make your own hot chocolate by mixing milk and chocolate until the blend that suits one's taste is attained.

To make that happen, the tea light is placed underneath the metal cup to heat the combination of milk and chocolate chips. Just like champagne or coffee, the suckao is meant to be sipped and dallied with. "I would call each sip a shot of ecstasy, of liquefied energy," one customer says.

Falling in Chocolate. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is literally a journey through the world of chocolate and a trip that is worth every sip and nibble (and every centavo as well). And at Max Brenner, as one chocolate saying goes, it is best to forget falling in love and to "fall in chocolate" instead.

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