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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are home now...we landed in SFO airport about 7:00pm but didn't get out of the airport until 8:30pm since one of our duffle bags "split" on the zipper and we couldn't recognize it after all the duct tape the airport staff placed on it. Afterwards, we had to journey through another 1.5 hours before we reached home. But Home Sweet Home it is.

The first thing Chhimi did when we got home was marched directly into the backyard to check on his babies. Our 15 tomato plants in the dark looks pretty awesome, according to Chhimi. They grew a lot taller, almost as tall as Tabitha.....that definitely make Tab feel any happier :-).

It was great to step back into our room and see our bed all neatly made....we were just so tired by then...we had to hit the bed and snooze until the morning.

It was a fantastic trip for us but it is also wonderful to be back home.....

now we are just planning on our next vacation :-)

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