Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's been a great run!

Well it's been a great run, but I am off and back to Thanks TYPEPAD you have been a great and wish I didn't have to leave but since I have already paid my web host for a year I need to use it. Maybe I will be back who knows. For those of you deciding what blog to use - GO Typepad. It's ease of use is what I will miss the most. For now the site will run for another month. So please -- take a look at the pictures - and read about our mis-adventures in South East Asia. Hopefully we will have more fun on ( New feature I added there is the Photo Album - register and you can share your travel adventures too. See ya next door. Ciao

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Second Bestest Friend

This weekend Chhimi and Tabitha spent it with Ahmar, Chhimi's official 2nd Bestest Friend, from Norfolk, VA. We saw Ahmar and his lil' brother, Nadeem in December 2003 when they visited their parents for Xmas. This time around Ahmar came by himself just to spend some time with his dad on his vacation. What a sweet man. Click Here for pics.

We went to Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Union Square, and caught a movie (Anchorman) at the Metreon on Saturday.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

IKEA Personality Test

POSIGIKEA Personality Test: Identify which furniture/personality you are! (I found out I was as dull as a typical PÖSIG cushion!) Please take the test if you have nothing better to do in life - you are on my site so you really must have nothing better to do --- go check it out. Please fill in the comments and let me know what you are.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Update New Pictures

napa_sf_56Kathleen in CA Additional pictures have been added to this album. (I will continue adding pictures here for the duration of my cousin’s visit in CA).

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Dim Sum Girl

dsFor all you AZIANS....check this out!
Dim Sum girl was shown to us by our 14 year old cuz, KK from the BronX.

Dim Sum Girl
©2002 The Notorious MSG
Yo, this song goes out to all you sexy girls who push the dim sum carts all
over the know who you are, work so hard and we love
you so much....check it out yo

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile
looking so good coming down that aisle
with that sexy dress and a little dim sum
makes me crazy when I order chow fun

people - they’re telling me
that i shouldn’t bother with a lady
like you - you rock my world
yes you - my dim sum girl

watching...waiting...waiting for you baby
to tell me that I’m the guy for you and that you wanna be my lady
one day yes you will see - that I will always be
the one who will make fried rice for you for all eternity

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought i’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

Why you gotta tease me, baby...
you’re driving me crazy
don’t you see...
don’t play me like that, baby - please
just give me one chance

In the morning - at noon, at night
I think about you and it feels so right
so happy - when you look my way
when i talk to you you make my day
I see the tears in your eyes
please my baby don’t you cry
tomorrow is a whole new day
let’s me and you sing karaoke

Together...forever...that’s the way it’s got to be
please make my dream come true so I can live my fantasy
oh say that you’ll be mine - you know it’s a matter of time
come eat my rice with your chopsticks and leave the spoon behind

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought I’d find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I’m going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

I don’t wanna live without you dim sum girl
take me away to your dim sum world
I want to hold you
I want to squeeze you
please say you will be mine - all mine

Hey baby you wear that dress for me?
you look great...what time you get off work, huh?
you must be so tired....let’s say you and me go get some boba tea -
what’s wrong, baby?
what’s wrong?
did I say something?
don’t leave me this way baby, no - don’t go....
you are the only one for me...please don’t break my heart like this!
no more fooling around....
I’m not a player anymore!
come back to me, baby....
come back to me.....

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Grandma's Birthday

Uncle Mickey, Grandma, Grandpa and Mom - Grandma don't look happy but Grandpa is really happy with the birthday treats
Wish I were home to enjoy all the good food - McD sucks!!
Uncle Mickey and Aunty Sau Fong
Grandpa and Grandma
Pictures of my Grandma’s birthday – well I think the happiest person that day must have been my Grandpa as he could eat a lot of good food prepared by mom. I guess you can all see where I get my eating habits.

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How much is that doggy in the window?


Pictures from my dad - and before you Animal Rights folks start sending nasty e-mail’s to me - my family - especially my dad loves animals (Dogs - me I hate them - since they all have a tendency to chew on my legs) and there aren't many Vets in Bhutan let alone Doctors. So without further ado – puppy breaks leg – so my dad’s ingenuity kicks in and “viola” and you get “dog on wheels – puppy in wheelchair”. Incase you were all wondering the dog’s name is “Dazy” and I think the breed is a Tibetan Apso.

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