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May 24, 2004

Lowlights in Singapore

CLICK HERE for recent photos of Singapore Zoo. More pictures to come soon.

Alright people, there are two things that we like: nature & food! So here are some lowlights in Singapore that was recommended in tour-guide books that should be avoided at all cost.

Clarke Quay (pronounced "Clark Key")
Omg! This place was supposed to be having the most popular Sunday Flea Market...but man, it was a definite low light for us. The place was under lots of construction on Sunday and the items the "vendors" were selling were ancient & old. I think Roseville Denios have much better stuff. Definitely To Avoid #1.

Butterfly Park at Sentosa
Okay, we went late so the receptionist said the butterflies are "sleeping" but we should still see some butterflies. We didn't know "some" means TWO! Yes, we saw TWO whole butterflies. Man, thank goodness Chhimi asked for a discount ...we got $2.00 off of the admission...Yay! But we wished we got our money back. :-P Definitely To Avoid #2

BTW, tip travelers to be...when coming to SouthEast Asia, you should be in the BEST of health because there are a LOT of walking involved!! Our feet are so tired and sore...yup, we are just whining about our trip...heheheh.

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