May 24, 2004

Very Sad - leaving Singapore today

Flying to Bangkok this afternoon and leaving beautiful clean Singapore behind. But on the bright side we will be getting the bang for the buck -- as we go to Thailand ----- Awesome cheap Thai Food -- Sorry about not posting enough pictures but after a day walking around Singapore we were too exhausted to find a pc.

Later folks.

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Lord of the Rings Exhibition

lotr_1This was one of the highlights from our trip in Singapore. We got to see this once in a lifetime exhibition and the only one in South East Asia. We got to see items from the actually movie set including every time of armor used in the moved and got to actually touch a few of them. Got to see the clothing and armor & weapons used by all the characters in the movie – Full sized model of the orcs, uruk-hai’s – mind blowing. The only sad thing is we could not take any pictures inside.

Click HereWell for those of us in the USA – it will be coming to Boston in August – but I do not know when it would show up in the west coast. Mark your calendars Hobbit fans - August 1 in Boston.

Click Here for info on the LOTR Exhibition.

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Highlights in Singapore

Omg! There are some things that all travelers should do. We totally enjoyed ourselves here...but again, remember, we're into NATURE & FOOD...not a lot of shopping. CLICK HERE for recent photos of Singapore Zoo. More pictures to come soon.

National Orchid Garden CLICK HERE for the Orchid Garden

There are soooo many beautiful species of orchids here that it is to die for ...for those avid Orchid growers like Chhimi. There were so many hybrids that was wonderful to see them. We spent hours...literally half-day in humid & hot weather just to view these lovely flowers. Definitely To Do #1.

Singapore Zoo & Breakfast with Orangutans
This is very very neat for us. We saw monkeys free swing from the trees. You won't see this at the San Diego Zoo. Plus we got to eat a big breakfast with Orangutans!! It is the most awesome thing for us. Definitely To Do #2

Lord of the Rings Exhibition
People, this is the only exhibition of LOTR in Asia and its only going to be in Boston, MA in August 2004. We had a lot of Oooohs and Aaaaahs here because we saw a lot of the costumes and stuff. See Chhimi's Web Log dedicated to LOTR. Definitely To Do #3 for avid LOTR fans.

We got to try both types of infamous crab in Singapore. The Chili Sri Lanka Crab made with lots of chili sauce, along with fish sauce.....finger-licking good. The other one is Pepper Sri Lanka Crab...oh man,....this one has a dry kick with lots of black pepper. Aww quite yummy but Chhimi says both styles only ranks #3 in comparison to his Thailand Crab Curry.
We just wished we had more time to visit the Mount Faber, Jarung Bird Park, and other scenic areas. Well worth it just to visit Singapore for its greenery and fabulous food.

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Lowlights in Singapore

CLICK HERE for recent photos of Singapore Zoo. More pictures to come soon.

Alright people, there are two things that we like: nature & food! So here are some lowlights in Singapore that was recommended in tour-guide books that should be avoided at all cost.

Clarke Quay (pronounced "Clark Key")
Omg! This place was supposed to be having the most popular Sunday Flea Market...but man, it was a definite low light for us. The place was under lots of construction on Sunday and the items the "vendors" were selling were ancient & old. I think Roseville Denios have much better stuff. Definitely To Avoid #1.

Butterfly Park at Sentosa
Okay, we went late so the receptionist said the butterflies are "sleeping" but we should still see some butterflies. We didn't know "some" means TWO! Yes, we saw TWO whole butterflies. Man, thank goodness Chhimi asked for a discount ...we got $2.00 off of the admission...Yay! But we wished we got our money back. :-P Definitely To Avoid #2

BTW, tip travelers to be...when coming to SouthEast Asia, you should be in the BEST of health because there are a LOT of walking involved!! Our feet are so tired and sore...yup, we are just whining about our trip...heheheh.

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May 22, 2004

"Hopelessly Lost" at National Orchid Garden

We slept for less than 3 hours after arriving late in Singapore and headed out to the National Orchid Garden by taking the MRT (subway)...and a bus...we did good! Chhimi fell in love....and I do mean LOOOOVE on looking at all the thousands of species of orchids there are in Singapore. Pictures will be posted soon. It was HOT & HUMID....but yet very enjoyable lah...3 hours to be exact on the time of enjoyability.

Now, we are experiencing jet-lag and are very tired and grumpy. We took a taxi to the Orchid Road 10 miles long road full of big name department stores such as Gucci, Channel, etc. to find good eats. read it. Good EATS. We ate something called "Hokkien Fry Noodles" at the nearby Asian Mall....defintely NOT recommended. Then we headed over to the "Takahashi" centre to find something more appealing...and we did!!! Mmmmm! We ate little sticky rice "Teacheow' style...quite interesting. Then we ate something called a "Popiah" & "Sing" roll...kinda like Egg Rolls where one is friend and one is not along with some spicy chili sauce.....Chhimi really enjoyed that one!! But most of all...we are both way too THIRSTY to eat anything dehydrated! Think we may be able to lose like 10 lbs each after this trip is done with all the humidity!!

Alright people, now we are going to explore the shopping center of "Great World City" since we couldn't get Gold Class tickets to see Shrek 2. Darn Singaporeans for loving movies as much as Chhimi and me!

Cheerio peeps...gotta enjoy our vacation instead of writing this blog.

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May 21, 2004

Fresh of the Plane - & smelling like seafood!

Well we have been flying for 20+ hours - we stopped over in Incheon, Korea (that's SEOUL) for 1 whole hour...WhooHoo! Got the time to use the toilets! Yippee.

Now we've landed in the cleanest city in the world, Singapore....yay!!!

Ciao...gotta go have some fun now.

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May 14, 2004

Vacation - Flight Itenary

SINGAPORE1One more week and we are out of here. Check back at this location for information on our trip - I will try and update it as frequently as I can with pictures.

Continue reading "Vacation - Flight Itenary"

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